They say timing is everything. Turns out that in human performance, it really is.

This 30-second test measures coordination, focus, and mental sharpness. How? By simply measuring your ability to keep a beat.

The Power Of Neurotiming

How can one simple test measure these three very different skills? Because it measures “Neurotiming,” which is your ability to consistently and accurately tap to a beat. Numerous studies have shown the ability to keep precise time and rhythm directly correlates to mental processing speed and attention. Good timing,  quick mind. Poor timing, maybe not so focused.

While athletes and musicians have long known strong timing and rhythm lead to good performance, advances in brain research now suggest any brain not firing on all cylinders may have a problem in this area.

Give the test a try. Your score may surprise you. You may even find yourself taking it over and over again to improve. See how you measure up compared with pro athletes and professional musicians who have aced this test. Challenge your friends to see if they can beat your Neurotiming score! But be careful…it’s addicting!

Take The Test

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